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HANGES: a Canmore Centennial Exhibition was hosted by the Canmore Centennial Museum and Geoscience Centre and was sponsored by the Alberta Museums Foundation.

This multi media exhibition was composed of museum quality large format ink jet images printed on rag paper which were displayed along with filmed interviews of the subjects who reflected on the metamorphosis of Canmore from mining town to international tourist destination. All subjects had either been born in Canmore or had lived most of their lives there. All had witnessed enormous changes to the social fabric, dynamic, and physical footprint of the town. The oldest citizens were in their 90’s and the youngest were in their early 20’s. Four senior participants have died since the exhibition was held.

The sheer variety of the subjects posed challenges in approach as did the narrow time frame allowed to make all of the portraits and the short time scheduled for each studio visit; some as short as 15 minutes. One participant was photographed on location as a studio visit was logistically impossible. Otherwise a single studio location and lighting style was maintained in order to simplify the visual  statement and reduce variables to the uniqueness of each individual character. As is usual in Canmore, although it is a small town, any cross section inevitably includes an amazing diversity of individuals. Represented were cowboys, schoolteachers, sculptors, Olympic medallists, coal miners, land developers, environmentalists, and citizens who spanned almost three centuries.

Interviews were performed mainly by local historian and civic volunteer Cathy Jones with some help from local newspaper editor Carol Picard and were filmed and edited by Canmore film-maker Joseph Potts. Copies of the resulting documentary video can purchased from the Canmore Centennial Museum.

ACES of Canmore - an Alberta Centenary Exhibition that was hung in Canmore’s Civic Centre to celebrate the province’s 100th birthday - profiled a cross section of Canmore citizens. It included Everest climbers, Olympic gold medallists, firefighters, artists, local doctors, dentists, amateur thespians, town employees, musicians, film-makers, and a host of the colourful characters who call this mountain town their home. Prints were museum quality large format ink jet on rag paper.

FACES which hung simultaneously with CHANGES was sponsored by the Province of Alberta and the Town of Canmore, and provided me with an opportunity to do what I love best - photograph people in the simplest possible way in an effort to capture something of the spirit and the essence that makes them unique as individuals.

Conceived as a snapshot in time - an early 21st century freeze frame of Canmore citizens - the exhibition tried to portray the effervescence of life in the Rocky Mountains and to show the diversity of characters that choose to live in this special place.

Everyone has a unique human sparkle. Setting out to capture something so evanescent  in a photograph is a vanity that I am addicted to.

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